Creative Writing

three. words.

It took years to get here.

Once two young beating hearts excited at the prospect of each other, unwittingly evolving into a miss.

Misunderstanding. Misapprehension. Miscommunication.


Too green to understand what was between.

Still, an unexplainable, inextricable bond.

Start. Stop. Try again. Stop. And again. Stop.

On and on and on and on.

The road stretches to forever.  Infinitesimal.

And endless journey. With moments of…







In and out and around. And over again. Around. Out. In.

Why is it like this?

Is it supposed to be this way?

Synapses sparking because of this endless connection.

Drawn like magnets, yet too apprehensive to share the depth of emotion.

Continuously catching a glimpse. So much there in just a look.

Words unsaid. The truth in thoughts left unuttered.

Missed opportunity.

But something shifted in the round and round pattern, not to be denied any longer.


An emotional release. Uninhibited.

Two cells engaged in their natural chemistry. Kismet.

The words must get out, unwilling to hide any longer.

Heart unfettered.

three. words.

I. Love. You.

three. words. (2011)


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