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A Short Story: Part Three

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Lanre didn’t know what to say.  How could he explain that it wasn’t…it isn’t like that.  “Mira baby, it isn’t like that.”

“Then what is it Lanre? You were just going to stand there with your ‘lil Lanre in your hand while some latexed whore slapped the taste out your mouth?”

“Baby you know it’s not little…”

“If you don’t shutup right now,” Mira threatened.

Lanre could feel himself getting excited. Who was this enraged goddess? He knew right now this wasn’t the best time, but gatdamn if he didn’t want to drag this woman upstairs! Getting his bearings together, he knew he had to find a way to explain, but didn’t want to seem like a punk in front of his boy Toks.  While Toks thought that he opted for Madame’s all inclusive plan, Lanre actually secured a different contract. He could never bring himself to go all the way and have sex with another woman. He would never step out on Mira in that way.  He would always, and forever, keep that sacred. ‘Til death do us part. Mira was, and still is, the love of his life.  Lanre satisfied himself for five years of their marriage with S|M pictures and videos. Heck, it was eight years ago that he really became fascinated with the world,but still, he never gave in to his desires.  Up until recently, he realized he needed more stimulation and pictures weren’t going to cut it.  Things could not continue the way they were, otherwise he may be unable to get it up at all.  Lanre and Mira had begun to talk about having children and expanding their family.  You couldn’t really do that if your babymakers weren’t firing off on all cylinders.  Well, maybe you could, but it wouldn’t be all that fun.  At Madame’s, Lanre was only going to participate as a voyeur and submissive, without the intercouse,  in hopes of increasing his stimulation and sustaining his sex life.

“Mira I can explain.”

“Well you better do it right now, because as it stands, only one of us is going upstairs!”

“Toks, you mind leaving so I can talk to my wife?”

“Toks, you mind staying because having a witness seems to be the only way to avoid killing my husband.  If you leave someone might die today, and as I said, only one of us is going upstairs.”

There wasn’t anything Lanre could do but tell the whole truth in front of Toks. He had to explain that he’d been acting strangely because he was afraid he couldn’t get into their love life anymore to give her the children they both wanted.  He had to tell Mira that he wasn’t planning to have sex with another woman but went to this extreme to save their marriage. Lanre didn’t want Mira to look at him differently, or worse, leave him because he exposed her to a lifestyle she might not want or could not handle.

“Mira, I love you. I had to do this to give us what we both wanted.  I had no idea you’d be willing to try other things with me. Had I known, I wouldn’t have taken these measures.  I had no intention of…”



“You mean to tell me you had no intention of banging another woman?  Do I look stupid to you?”

“No, you look beautiful, amazing right now actually. I could just…”

“Lanre!” Toks and Mira both yelled.

“Right. Um. Mira, if you give me a chance I can prove I had no intention of sleeping with another woman.  I have the contract upstairs to prove it.”

During the entire exchange, Lanre and Mira didn’t notice Toks texting on his phone.  Toks was able to take in Mira’s new demeanor and attitude and realized the cause for Lanre’s change of heart.  In the back of his mind, he didn’t understand why Lanre was pushing so hard for the S|M world when he wasn’t that guy who could step out on his wife.  Even through the emails they shared over the years, he knew it was simply marital complaints and never truly felt Lanre would go the distance.  Which is the main reason he never put Lanre on. Now Toks believed he had an idea that not only would intrigue Lanre, but judging by Mira’s new vibe, would take their marriage and sex life to the next level.

As a joke, Toks  began with “Guys, while this fight is real fascinating, and frankly Mira you look really hot, I have an idea that’ll make all three of us happy campers.”

“Go home Toks!” Lanre shouted.

“Wait..You just might..”


“Alright alright! Dude call me later if you’re still alive.”

Mira was still seething mad but she was going to allow Lanre upstairs to show her the contract provisions for Madame’s.  As she went upstairs, she realized that fight was more arousing than anything she ever experienced in their marriage.  It was so exciting!  Lanre rushed past her into the condo, frantically grabbing for the contract.  He handed it to Mira and waited silently as she read.

Mira realized what she had in her man and knew she never could let him, or this newfound journey in their life go.  She grabbed her phone and prepared to call the number from the documents.  As Mira dialed she turned around to Lanre and singlehandedly untied her robe…

“Mira, what are y..”

“Hello, is this Madame’s?  I would like to change my husband’s appointment and contract to include his wife.”

“This is the Madame, I’ve been expecting your call.”


© 2013 by Dollf8ced


4 thoughts on “A Short Story: Part Three

  1. Interesting read, I’m not really into the S/M thing , but I find it cool that the wife’s trying to participate with the hubby. Our women(African) don’t play that tho, more men will stay faithful if they have a wife who’s willing to experiment their fantasy with them .

    • Lol! This is a fictional short story with a twist (re S|M) as opposed to an exploration into the African relationship. But that would be a great idea in the future, talking about the relationship dynamic when differences come into play.

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