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I strongly believe many people walking around this planet are simply going through the motions. Not really feeling anything, least of all their own emotions. Days spent subscribing to the status quo but unwilling to subscribe to their own actual thoughts. There is fear in embracing the unequivocal, unadulterated you.  Many people are stuck in their past or living … Continue reading

Creative Writing

The Whisperer

She woke up in an abandoned warehouse.  Assessing her surroundings, she realized she had no idea where she was. Her clothes were dirty and she hurt in so many places that there was no way of knowing where each pain originated.  She wasn’t all that cold, but she was shivering. Why am I shaking?  It was … Continue reading

Creative Writing

A Short Story: Part Three

A Short Story: Part One – A Short Story: Part Two – Mira screamed, “YOU JERK! YOU WERE GOING TO CHEAT ON ME!” Lanre didn’t know what to say.  How could he explain that it wasn’t…it isn’t like that.  “Mira baby, it isn’t like that.” “Then what is it Lanre? You were just going to … Continue reading


Dating…pernicious beast?

INSPIRATION: Miguel “Don’t Look Back” For awhile now, Miguel’s “Don’t Look Back,” has been in the soul playlist, not only because of its sound, but also its cleverness. I’m a sucker for symbolism, especially in music, because it takes a certain kind of artist to create many layers of imagery.  Let’s be honest…music artists of … Continue reading


Friends with the Ex: A Tale of Smoke and Mirrors

Men and women alike have endeavored to be “friends” after the demise of a relationship. Friendship with the ex, also known as the “consolation” prize, is an offering of mere civility, not to be confused with actual friendship.  The tenuous arrangement holds the door open for unresolved feelings, awkwardness, and general confusion if one person, … Continue reading